Attacking a Vulnerable opponent in Diablo 4 deals 20%

8 Demolish (Decimator) +10% Vulnerable Damage, +10 Strength Bonus: +10 Vulnerable Damage at 270 Dexterity
Attacking a Vulnerable opponent in Diablo 4 deals 20% more damage to Diablo 4 Gold them, making Vulnerable one of the most important status effects for attack-heavy classes such as the Barbarian. With the class already offering opportunities to proc vulnerable effects on enemies, Demolish can further improve a Barbarian/s DPS capabilities.
Having this Node gives the Barbarian an additional 10 Strength as well as +10% Vulnerable damage, making them more viable for Vulnerable-heavy Diablo 4 builds. This Node works well with Wrath (Rare Glyph) that grants + 1.5% Critical Strike Damage per Dexterity Node purchased within range, encouraging players to pursue crit-heavy plays for maximum Physical DPS carnage.
7 Arrogance (Decimator) +4% Damage Reduction from Vulnerable Enemies, +10 Strength Bonus: +4% Damage Reduction from Vulnerable Enemies at 260 Willpower
The thematic idea behind the Vulnerable status effect in Diablo 4 is how a skilled player can see through enemy openings and kill them much faster. In turn, the Arrogance Rare Node Shows that a Vulnerable enemy's Movements are so predictable that players can also dodge them more reliably.
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Arrogance's effect is reflected with +4% Damage Reduction versus Vulnerable Enemies on top of +10 Strength, signifying the ability to clap back at an enemy who even dares to attack the Barbarian. This Node works well with Imbiber (Rare Glyph), where Barbarians can enjoy +2.6% Damage while Healthy per Willpower Node purchased within range, incentivizing tanky/defensive plays that the Class already enjoys.
6 Hungering Fury (Warbringer) +8 Maximum Fury, +2 Fury on Kill Bonus: + Maximum Fury at 260 Willpower
The Barbarian in Diablo 4 is only as effective as their remaining Fury, making resource sustainability a crucial part of the Class's efficiency in combat. Thanks to Hungering Fury, Barbarians who keep on killing enemies can constantly replenish Fury.
Hungering Fury as a resource recovery tool works best with Ire (Rare Glyph), as purchasing a Strength Node adds +1.3% Damage while Berserking. Also, at 5 Strength Nodes bought within range, Berserking now grants 10% damage mitigation against Elites. Making it easier to kill even Elite foes, while Berserking can make resource management with Hungering Fury more tolerable for killing-loving Barbarians.
5 Flayer (Hemorrhage) +10% Physical Damage Over Time, +10% Damage to Bleeding Enemies Bonus: +10% Physical Damage Over Time at 260 Dexterity, 350 Strength
While Burning or Poisoned in buy Diablo IV Items gameplay are some of the most common damage-over-time effects, Barbarians, and other melee-reliant Classes have Bleeding as their primary DOT. The Barbarian has attacks such as Rend (Secondary Skill) that can deal as much as 1100% Physical Damage in Bleed over 5 Seconds. With the Flayer Rare Node, Bleeding Can practically become second nature for the Diablo Four class.
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