Renovation of the Bathroom Drainage System

Let's talk about captive waste.( Captive waste is a drainage fitting that is fixed to the bathroom vanity or bathtub and controls the flow of water through a sealed mechanism. This design prevents water from being wasted while ensuring that water drains smoothly when needed. The sealing performance of Captive waste is very critical. It can prevent the backflow of odor and bacteria and keep the bathroom clean and hygienic. In our products, captive waste adopts advanced sealing technology to ensure its reliability and durability in long-term use.

Different from captive waste, brushed brass unslotted waste is a more traditional drainage fitting. It is usually made from high-quality brass and has a brushed surface that gives it a unique matte texture. This treatment not only gives the product a beautiful appearance, but also enhances its resistance to corrosion and wear. The design of Brushed brass unslotted waste allows it to be suitable for all types of bathroom drainage systems, whether modern or traditional, integrating goodly into them.

In the bathroom drainage system, both captive waste and brushed brass unslotted waste play an important role. The sealing performance of Captive Waste ensures the smooth drainage of water while preventing the backflow of odors and bacteria. And brushed brass unslotted waste adds elegance and texture to the bathroom with its beauty and durability. These two products complement each other in our product line and together provide a comprehensive solution for bathroom drainage systems.


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