Mmoexp Path of exile currency: Mid-Game Alch & Go Atlas Tree Strategy for Growing Hordes

Mid-Game Alch & Go Atlas Tree Strategy for Path of exile currency Growing Hordes
Using the Growing Hordes keystone and tophat nodes, ensure all maps have at least 50% pack size for a higher chance of double rare monsters. This setup maximizes monster density, loot, and map sustain.
Best Maps:
City Square
For divination cards:
Crimson Temple
Main Profits:
Lifeforce: Using compasses to duplicate lifeforce, sell or use it for crafting.
Searing Exarch Minion Altars: Drop staple currencies like Chaos Orbs, Awakened Sextants, Orbs of Unmaking, etc.
Extra Maps: Over-sustain maps to sell in bulk.
Progression and Tips:
Chisel white maps to 20% and rare them to at least 20% pack size.
Purchase rusted and polished scarabs in bulk.
Use 2 rusted scarabs and 2 polished scarabs per map run.
Select increased quantity in the map device.
For more effective 3.23 Atlas skill tree and mapping strategies, check back for POE currency timely updates.
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